Essays on Physical Practice #3
~ fawn

choreography & concept: susannah yugler
movement made in collaboration with & performed by: lauren glading, owen prum, susannah yugler
sound by: lawn mall
text by: caily herbert
costumes by: merritt meacham

Essays on Physical Practice #3: fawn is the third iteration in a series of dances interrogating notions of physical practice in public, private, and performative spaces. Earlier versions of Essays have been presented in Berlin, DE (Lake Studios) and Brussels, BE (Rosas/P.A.R.T.S) in 2018. fawn is a musing on narcissism, gender, and sensuality -- loosely inspired by Jerome Robbin's ballet "Afternoon of a Faun" (1953) The work attempts to excavate the ballet's central themes, and re-frame the embodiment of a dancer with an intimate, irreverent, and timely lens.