Thursday, June 21st, 2018
Lake Studios, Berlin, DE

Choreography & concept:
Susannah Yugler

Developed in collaboration with & performed by:
Ronald Berger, Maria Focaraccio, Betty Pomerleau, Susannah Yugler

Excerpted text from “TV Men” by Anne Carson
Original text by Susannah Yugler & Betty Pomerleau

Set design:
Simone Schiefer

Video & Documentation:
Martha Glenn

Susannah Yugler & Simone Schiefer

video documentation can be found here

Essays on Physical Practice #1
~ l’horizon d’attente

"l’horizon d’attente" is the first draft of a choreographic exercise in effort and expectation. The work takes initial inspiration from Anne Carson’s episodic poem TV Men, which conflates classic myth and biography with television performances, confronting the notion of authenticity in personal narrative and character. This series of short, irreverent dances offers various episodic scenes, in which the four performers untangle their own relationships to “physical practice” in performative, social, and private