The Company

75 minutes

Nick Alselmo -- Dave
Joel Dean -- Al
Aimee Grumbach -- Lewis
Ellie Quiring -- Nance
Laila Rosen -- J

Sound Score –– Lawn Mall

“The Company” is a fictional narrative work that follows an art collective in the aftermath of a pivotal decision to assimilate into a larger body, setting in motion dynamics of fear, disillusionment and desire. Tracing the history of the NEA 4 lawsuit (1990) and the 2008 financial crash, “The Company” considers political failures and their afterlives as systematic precarity; inviting slippages between fiction and reality, subject and object, performer and spectator.

Original cast: Brianna Gutierrez, Gisella Paéz, Ryan Pater, Andrew Smith, Lindsey Swyers
Cinematography & Production (Philadelphia) –– Catching On Theieves

“The Company” is made possible by the support of The Sachs Program for Arts Innovation and t
he University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design.