No Exit

No Exit premiered July 1st 2021 at 464 in Ridgewood, NY.

Written, directed & choreographed by Susannah Yugler
Sound score & set design made in collaboration with Lawn Mall

No Exit is a loose citation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s 1934 existentialist play by the same name. The setting is somewhere between 1934 Europe and post-pandemic Manhattan, an apartment, a purgatory.

The four characters work their way through repetitive scenes of narcissistic desire & defeatism, misanthropic claustrophobia, and existential dread.

watch an excerpt here

Performed by

Sharleen Chidiac — Estelle
Lauren Glading –– Inez
Savannah Lyons-Anthony –– Valet
Owen Prum –– Garcin

Voices by

Lauren Glading (Valet)
Alex Harry (Garcin)
Lawn Mall (Inez)
Susannah Yugler (Estelle)

Costumes –– C.M. Carney

Videography — Lili Dekker & Susannah Yugler